Image of Founder Nathanael Greene

Nathanael Greene

January 01, 1700 - January 01, 1700
"If you would know any man's affection towards you, consult his behavior; that is the best evidence of a virtuous mind. Though a person's professions be ever so voluminous, and his zeal ever so noisy, yet he is not entitled to our esteem, but only civility; for profession is but the shadow of friendship, and saying is not proving. If a person would be considered in the character of a friend, let it appear by generous and friendly actions; for that is the only testimony upon which we may safely ground our esteem. If a man professes friendship one day and proves himself an enemy the next, why should I give credit to one who so effectually contradicts himself?"source: To Samuel Ward, Jr., 1772.friendship, friends, companionship, loyality, trustworthiness

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