Image of Founder George Washington

George Washington

February 22, 1734 - December 14, 1799
"It having pleased the Almighty Ruler of the universe propitiously to defend the cause of the United American raising up a powerful Friend among the Princes of the Earth to establish our liberty and Independence upon lasting foundations, it becomes us to set apart a day for gratefully acknowledging the divine Goodness, and celebrating the important Event which we owe to his benign interposition. (William H Wibur, The Making of George Washington, Patriot Education Inc. 1973, p.198.)"source: After the treaty of alliance had been signed with Paris, on February 5, 1778, Wahington wrote to his troops a reminder of the part heaven was playing in this war: Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, George Washington, Revolutionary War, Victory in War, Washington's Letters, Patiot graditude

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