Image of Founder Benjamin Rush

Benjamin Rush

January 01, 1700 - January 01, 1700
"The powers of the human mind appear to be arranged in a certain order like the strata of earth. They are thrown out of their order by the fall of man. The moral powers appear to have occupied the highest and first place. They recover it in solitude, and after sleep, hence the advantage of solitary punishments, and of consulting our morning pillow in cases where there is a doubt of what is right, or duty. The first thoughts in a morning of followed seldom deceive or mislead us. They are generally seasoned by the moral powers. In Macbeth a lady is restrained form the murder of a king by his resemblance of her father as he slept. Should not all men be restrained from acts of violence and even of unkindness against their fellow men by observing in them something which resembles the Saviour of the World? If nothing else certainly, a human figure?"source: Commonplace Book, 1790.moral, virtue, meditation

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