Image of Founder William Penn

William Penn

January 01, 1700 - January 01, 1700
"What can we desire better than peace, but the grace to use it? Peace preserves our possessions; we are in no danger of invasions: our trade is free and safe, and we rise and lie down without anxiety. The rich bring out their hoards, and employ the poor manufacturers: buildings and diverse projections, for profit and pleasure, go on: it excites industry, which brings wealth, as that gives the means of charity and hospitatlity, not the lowest ornaments of a kingdom or commonwealth. But war ... seizes all these comforts at once, and stops the civil channel of society. The rich draw in their stock, the poor turn soldiers, or thieves, or starve: no industry, no building, no manufactury, little hospitatlity or charity; but what the peace gave, the war devours."source: "An Essay Twards the Present and Future Peace of Europe," 1693.peace, trade, foreign relations, war

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